Pistol & Rifle Barrels

Extremely accurate pistol and rifle barrels for firearms of all sizes

Gun barrels engineered for unparalleled accuracy and performance

When the accuracy of your weapon really matters, Rosco Manufacturing pistol and rifle barrels are engineered to hit the mark. Thousands of hours of engineering expertise have gone into the development of Rosco Manufacturing’s pistol and rifle barrels and it shows. We’ve undergone rigorous testing and have been praised for “superior engineering and craftsmanship, while “exceeding the testing standards that the firearms industry requires”. In fact, leading manufacturers for competition grade guns choose Rosco Manufacturing barrels for their elite competition shooters!

Custom engineered barrels to fit handguns and rifles of all sizes

The engineering of an accurate barrel is a challenge that we take head on. When creating a barrel for a new pistol or rifle, Rosco Manufacturing works hard to understand all of the factors that can affect its accuracy. Dissecting the components and understanding how the barrel will work within the system allows Rosco Manufacturing to engineer a custom solution that delivers the accuracy and dependability our clients demand.

High volume gun barrel production to support firearm manufacturers

Companies can produce a single accurate barrel...Rosco Manufacturing does it in mass quantities. It is easy to achieve accuracy for one barrel. But when you need tens of thousands of barrels, that high quality can be difficult to maintain throughout the production process. Rosco Manufacturing has the state of the art equipment and a proven process that maintains the same high standards throughout your order. The last barrel we deliver will outperform expectations, just like the first one did.

Interested in Rosco Manufacturing gun or rifle barrels?

Rosco Manufacturing can design, engineer and mass produce extremely accurate barrels for most any firearm. All barrels are made from bar stock material gun barrel quality steel. Call 401-228-0120 or click below for more information!