Bloodline 12.5″ Sauce Pack (5.56 NATO)

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Rosco VLTOR Charging Handle

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Sons of Liberty Gun Works NOX Flash Hider

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The Rosco “Sauce Pack” bundles were created after direct requests from our customers to provide them with the key components needed for their carbine/ pistol builds at a great combined price. The result is a hand-picked list of parts that will produce results right out of the box. All parts within these kits are designed to synchronize together and create an un-interrupted system that will bring every individual component to its peak performance level. The perfect marriage of all our available Bloodline accessories and our in-house made barrels will make for the ultimate combo in performance and cost savings.

Our Bloodline sauce packs feature our hard-use barrels (from the namesake category) and the accessories needed to provide the consumer with a complete ignition system for their Duty/ Defense builds. Each Bloodline “Sauce Pack” features a Bloodline barrel, Bloodline BCG (5.56/.300 BLK), Bloodline Gas Block (Non-Adjustable), and a Bloodline Gas Tube (Pistol, Carbine, Mid-Length, or Rifle). The parts are all designed to work perfectly when paired together and are designed to maximize the performance of each component, collectively!

Bloodline “Sauce Packs” include the following:

  • Bloodline Barrel
  • Bloodline BCG (5.56/.300 BLK)
  • Bloodline Gas Block (Non-Adjustable)
  • Bloodline Gas Tube


Barrel Length12.5″ 
Barrel Weight21.79oz 
Barrel Material4150 CMV 
Barrel Caliber5.56 
Barrel Profile





Barrel Thread

1/2 x 28 

Gas Block Size


Gas System Length

Carbine Length 
Barrel Crown

11 Degree

Barrel Finish


Barrel Extension Finish


Weight0.7875 lbs 
Dimensions1.25 x 1.25 x 8 in
Weight0.1625 lbs 
Dimensions1.5 x 1.5 x 4 in
Weight0.053125 lbs 
Dimensions.5 x .5 x 10.25 in

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4 × 4 in

Rosco VLTOR Charging Handle

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 2.5 × 3 in
Select your charging handle

Standard, Ambidextrous

Sons of Liberty Gun Works NOX Flash Hider

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

5.56, .30 Cal

7 reviews for Bloodline 12.5″ Sauce Pack (5.56 NATO)

  1. Andrew Elder (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 12.5 sauce pack bundle and everything is perfect. Fit and finish are great. The gas block is low pro and had plenty of clearance on my atlas S one handguard and everything worked flawlessly together while siting in my aero precision pistol build. I was getting good accuracy out of the barrel. I think it will get a little better as I get everything broke in a bit.

  2. Anthony Cuozzo (verified owner)

    Great quality, barrel fit nicely into my aero upper. Highly reccommend. great pricing too

  3. Clint McInnes

    Absolutely love this on my newest build. It’s become one of my favorites immediately. Craftsmanship and packaging were both well thought out, and well done. I’m a believer and definitely staying a part of the #barrelgang for a long time now.

  4. D M

    I purchased my 12.5 Sauce Pack through another retailer but I am extremely happy with it. About 500 rounds through it so far and I have gotten excellent accuracy with garbage tier .223. I’m running it with a VLTOR A5H2 and get perfect ejection with Brass. It’s a touch undergassed with steel but not enough to cause a malfunction yet.

    With my suppressor it’s overgassed with brass ammo but completely manageable even when doing bill drills. Overall, for the price I don’t see myself buying anything besides Rosco for any of my future builds. Would absolutely recommend.

  5. Eddy Louis (verified owner)

    TL;DR I love it a lot and I will build the rest of my rifles with these sauce packs.

    Super smooth and consistent performance right from the get go. Assembled with a Midwest combat handguard, a RTB upper receiver and an 80% lower. Uses a solgw nox muzzle device. Most reliable and smooth shooter I’ve ever had. If I shoot 100rounds in the same spot then I’ll have one neat pile of brass to pick. Supremely consistent recoil impulse and ejection pattern. Leaves light ejector swipes though. Enough to leave a bit of a burr. But not enough for concern. Even this is beautifully consistent.

    And this setup has been 1moa accurate. My favorite blaster and I pine for my rifle when I dont have it in my hands. Excellent work Roscoe, I evangelize your products on the account of this exceptional performance.

    I will absolutely buy again and the next will be a 14.5. I’d like to see a k9 gas profile on the 12.5 bloodline series.

  6. Chandler

    I wanted to wait to write my review until I had a good amount of rounds put through the firearm and I absolutely love the 12.5 sauce pack! At first I was unsure with running the K9 gas system suppressed but pairing it with a Geissele super 42 H2 buffer I get perfect 3 o’clock ejections and a super accurate firearm. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a 12.5 build

  7. Johnny Davenport (verified owner)

    as described, great email communication, fast shipping, great packaging. went together smooth and perfect fit. 1st time buying from company, pleased with purchase

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