Chris Woomer

During the planning of our #BarrelGang torture test event we wanted to make sure that we placed heavy emphasis on the list of shooters that would be attending. This was not designed to be your regular “media” event where folks come in for Instagram selfies (and such), we wanted a working activity where we would

Tom Marshall

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, those rules do not seem to apply to a dude like Tom Marshall (Recoil) who has proven that he can balance both the written word and that American Defense Mfg. steel. Tom is a great friend and a serious man when it comes to testing gear,


We have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Whitey (Four Guys Guns) know for some time. We have been plotting for years to do something together and we finally found our chance with the #BarrelGang project. It was amazing to see how Whitey transforms from a light hearted jokester, to a focused observer when it

Shawn Herrin

What characteristics can be used to define someone as a “shooting professional”? Is it their background? Could it be their gear selection? What if I were to tell you that it all boils down to mindset and a strong work ethic? Would it make you question what you have been currently considering as qualifiers? If