Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We produce all of our barrels from start to finish in-house.

We make all of our barrels out of 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel or 416 stainless steel.

We button rifle all of our barrels.

Yes.  All of our stock is delivered pre-stress relieved and we preform additional stress relieving in-house during the manufacturing process.

A .750 diameter gas block is used on our barrels.

5.56 barrels have a .073 gas port

7.62 barrels have a .093 gas port

We make barrels with pistol, carbine, mid-length, and rifle gas systems.

These are noted on the site in the barrel description.

5.56 are threaded 1/2 – 28

7.62 are threaded 5/8 – 24

Yes.  All of our barrels that require an extension are shipped fully assembled with the extensions.  We install all extensions after any coating so there is no chance of any heating process changing a torque value.  All AR15 extensions have M4 feed ramps.