Sons of Liberty Gun Works NOX Flash Hider


SOLGW NOX Flash Hider: The NOX Flash Hider is one of the top muzzle brake/ flash hiders on the market. Designed to reduce concussion while controlling both flash and muzzle rise. The NOX is also a suppressor mount for the Dead Air Sandman and Nomad suppressors. The NOX is designed for a right-handed shooter, pushing the rifle down and into the support (left) hand. The NOX can also be timed for a neutral or for a left-handed shooter position as well. This can be accomplished turning the device 45 or 90 degrees (respectively). The NOX will also bring 13.7” builds to a perfect 16” OAL when permanently affixed to the barrel (As per ATF instruction).

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As the final piece to any puzzle, your build is not complete until it has a proper muzzle device affixed to it. We have made sure to procure the finest of options for your Rosco builds. From Mil-Spec A2 flash hiders, to performance enhancing compensators, all the way to devices that will help you reach 16” OAL. We’ve sourced and stocked them here for you to find in this perfect one-stop shop.


Caliber Available in either 5.56X45MM or .30 Cal
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Melonited
Thread Pitch 1/2X28 TPI (5.56), or 5/8X24 TPI (.30 Cal)

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 2 in

5.56, .30 Cal

6 reviews for Sons of Liberty Gun Works NOX Flash Hider

  1. lebanonpokerplayer (verified owner)

    Was running a PWS 5.56 comp on my 16 in rifle. Got tired of the huge fire ball and finally didn’t something about it. Did my research. Have high Respect for sage dynamics and gave a great review. So try it out. Was highly impressed. Flash was down to none, and with amazing sound reduction. Can tell massive recoil shing left handed, but the device is right handed timed. Might test neutral. Will update the review when I get my sandman out of jail.

  2. Zachary Krebs (verified owner)

    Great quality as expected from SOLGW. Fast shipping from Rosco!

  3. Justin Bynum (verified owner)

    My favorite muzzle device, I have two so far and I might buy more in the future.

  4. Halsey Wood (verified owner)

    Fast shipping awesome muzzle device

  5. HOWARD SHADE (verified owner)

    This is a premium part, use the Purebred 13.7 inch barrel with a good gas block and tube.

  6. Lucas Miranda (verified owner)

    Haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet but shipping was quick. Once received the fit and finish was great. I bought it for a 13.7 build that I plan on pin and welding. So i appreciate the the pin hold they pre-drill. Can’t wait for my sandman to get out of jail so i use the nox for what it was really meant for.

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