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Recoil – Beware The Barrel Gang

Author: Tom Marshall
Published on: November 12, 2018

We recently had the opportunity to attend a unique firearms lifestyle event put on courtesy of Rosco Manufacturing. After touring their factory a few months back to get behind the scenes on their 100% in-house blank-to-barrel manufacturing process, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Rosco and looking for every opportunity to put their tubes to the test. To that end, Rosco has devised a firearms and adventure lifestyle movement that they’ve branded with the hashtag #barrelgang. The Barrel Gang is made up of manufacturers, media professionals and trainers from all walks of life who had the chance to come together and, frankly, beat the snot out of some pretty awesome products.

The event was shepherded by Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical. Don brings several decades of US Army SOF experience to the training market, specializing in open-enrollment classes in the use of night vision and intermediate-range rifle craft, including advanced Combat Carbine and Designated Marksman curricula. He spent two days running us through a variety of drills that drove our test rifles from 10 to 500 meters, with yours truly maxing out on a 12-inch gong at 484 meters.

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