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Recoil – Making Barrels Great Again: Rosco Manufacturing

Author: Tom Marshall
Published on: January 25, 2018

After three days at SHOT show, it’s easy to think you’ve seen everything there is. It’s also easy to say that it’s hard to get excited about anything AR parts related. But that would be jaded and callous, particularly when there are enterprising companies like Rosco Manufacturing out on the show floor trying to the most American thing possible — make high quality products at affordable prices and look awesome doing it.

What makes Rosco so noteworthy is that EVERYTHING is done in-house, right down to manufacturing their own blanks. For their hard-use Bloodline series of barrels, said blanks start as 12-foot rods of 4150 CMV steel. The blanks are bore punched, the rifling is cut and the barrels given an 11-degree service crown. The extensions, also produced in-house, are micro-polished and then melonited separately from the barrels themselves before the two parts are joined. Bloodline barrels are available in true 5.56mm.

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