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Don Edwards

As a brand we have been blessed with many opportunities. We have been blessed with the ability to make the products we love in a free country and we have been fortunate to have amazing customers whom have also become fans of Rosco! One of the only feasible ways to truly show respect and appreciation for this is to keep making awesome products that people like and to take a step back periodically and add some humility to our process by checking our quality of finished product. We recently embarked on a project that addressed that very topic. Our goal is to always train and stay sharp on current doctrine in order to make you a better product. The question still remained if we were looking hard enough at our own product to ensure that we are giving you our absolute best! This is what prompted the #BarrelGang project, to recruit folks that we know are of the highest caliber and would not let a product “float” on by unless it was legit. To help us undertake this project we reached out to our Product Development guru Greenline Tactical (which you will see in this video) and he worked directly with American Defense Mfg. to build the perfect “Gentleman’s carbine” in order to test our Bloodline & Purebred products. Take a second to get to know Don and find out how we are legitimately #MakingBarrelsGreatAgain!

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