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Real Dirty Harry

A Quagmire: Awkward, complex, or hazardous…. This is how I would like to setup the introduction for our last #BarrelGang original. He is a man that does not need much of an introduction. A man who is handy with a lens, created the game that most grind in daily, and has become a true student of the gun. The venerable Real Dirty Harry! This dude’s creative eccentricity is only matched by his humble demeanor and respect for the art. He defined the artistic role of social media in our industry through a cell phone in his early beginnings. He has since grown to lead the charge in artful story telling through carefully crafted media that masterfully encapsulates an entire lifestyle! His attention to detail, outside the box thinking, and un-willingness to settle for mediocrity have become the pillars in which this company has been able to mount its plan of attack. Our products have been partially designed based off shared input from his lessons behind the gun and the camera. He is a joker, a student, a teacher, a madman, a sage advisor, and possibly the most realistic incarnation of a loyal friend that most will have the privilege of knowing… He is also 1 of 7 unique individuals that make up the core of the #BarrelGang!

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