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Shawn Herrin

What characteristics can be used to define someone as a “shooting professional”? Is it their background? Could it be their gear selection? What if I were to tell you that it all boils down to mindset and a strong work ethic? Would it make you question what you have been currently considering as qualifiers? If it does then we can start having an awesome conversation on the matter. You would also appreciate the talents and hard work of my boy Shawn (We Like Shooting)! It is an unfortunate situation when we look to elevate shooters that have based their whole work catalog on image alone and not old fashioned hard work. I, on the other hand look to seek out peers like Shawn who work harder than the others but do not feel the need to boast. Who put in three days’ worth of hard work in 1/2 a day. We feel extremely fortunate to have a hard charger of Shawn’s caliber in the ranks of the #BarrelGang! The true example of a self-made man who refuses to slow down and is always hungry to learn more. “An instructor must be a perpetual student.” – (Master Choa) Take a second to get to know Shawn and find out how we are legitimately #MakingBarrelsGreatAgain!

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