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Rosco Manufacturing releases the Sage Dynamics 12.5” K9 barrel

May 20th, 2022: Rosco Manufacturing, an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories, is proud to announce the launch of their highly anticipated Sage Dynamics K9 12.5” barrel. Two years of R&D to produce the best 12.5” barrel on the market.

The K9 12.5 offers a proprietary patrol length gas system that is smoother than carbine length and more reliable than mid-length. Features an optimized gas port to run reliably suppressed and/or unsuppressed. The K9 continuous taper is the most effective profile to dissipate heat from hard use. With weight shifted to the back of the barrel, modern attachments on the front of the rifle create a perfectly balanced and better handling rifle.

Made in the USA, the Rosco way! 

Effective immediately, the Sage Dynamics K9 barrel is live and for sale:

About Rosco Manufacturing

Rosco Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of hard-use precision pistol and rifle barrels. Our production facility in Central Falls, RI has over 50,000 square feet of production space with room for high volume capacity. Rosco supplies major gun manufacturers with high quality products. Through superior workmanship and unprecedented engineering, our product line continues to exceed expectations and provides a complete solution for the OEM.


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