Purebred – 13.7″ .223 Wylde Barrel

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This 13.7” Rosco barrel is the perfect option for an evenly capable SBR/ RECCE build. It is designed to give the shooter maneuverability at close quarters yet allow them to get first round impact hits as far as 300 yards. The gas system has been designed to give the platform a non-turbulent operation while not sacrificing proper dwell times. This barrel is perfectly suited for your next expeditionary/ entry rifle build. ALL NFA RULES APPLY!

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Melonite Gas Tubes

Our Rosco Melonite Gas Tubes have an extremely durable Black Nitride finish that increases corrosion resistance, wear resistance, fatigue strength and cosmetic appeal. These gas tubes work great under a handguard because they are more durable than standard gas tubes. Available in pistol, carbine, patrol length, mid-length, and rifle lengths. Does not include a roll pin.

Non-Adjustable Gas Block, v2

Our v2 Non-Adjustable Gas Blocks feature the same 'Bloodline' dependability, with improvements for the modern shooter.  We added a knockout hole at the front of the gas block to aide in removing the gas tube. Also featuring improved tolerances and finishes, making the v2 Gas Block a staple for years to come.

Adjustable Gas Block

Our Rosco Adjustable Gas Block is purposely designed to be lined up perfectly with our barrels and gas ports to ensure reliable cycling every time. These Adjustable gas blocks pick up where our standard block leaves off and works perfectly for shooters that want to be able to control their gas flow for suppressed applications.

Out of stock

Out of stock

This 13.7” Rosco barrel is the perfect option for an evenly capable SBR/ RECCE build. It is designed to give the shooter maneuverability at close quarters yet allow them to get first round impact hits as far as 300 yards. The gas system has been designed to give the platform a non-turbulent operation while not sacrificing proper dwell times. This barrel is perfectly suited for your next expeditionary/ entry rifle build. ALL NFA RULES APPLY!

Rosco Manufacturing’s “Purebred” series is a testament to precision and quality manufacturing. We took a step back to see how we could create a barrel line that would be a culmination of all the lessons learned through years of making barrels for several OEM’s. The result is a barrel that will produce results out of the box for any shooter that is looking to take their skills above and beyond. All of our Purebred barrels are made from scratch in our Rhode Island facility and start life as a blank piece of 416R stainless steel.

Aside from making our own barrel blanks, and barrel extensions, we also hold ourselves to the most stringent quality standards. This is the only way that we can make sure that we are producing a product that will perform time after time under the demanding of situations. We are setting out to re-define the rules and we plan on letting our work do the talking…


Barrel Length 13.7″
Barrel Weight 23.6oz
Barrel Material 416 R
Barrel Caliber .223 Wylde
Barrel Profile




Barrel Thread

1/2 x 28

Barrel Gas Block Size


Gas System Length

Barrel Crown

Step Crown

Barrel Finish

80 Grit Bead Blast

Barrel Extension Finish

Nickel Boron

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 2.3 × 2.2 in

Melonite Gas Tubes


Mid Length

44 reviews for Purebred – 13.7″ .223 Wylde Barrel

  1. emceekyn (verified owner)

    So far, so great. Had my mind set on an FN Barrel but decided to give this company my business and delivering MOA with 62 grain MK318? Was a good choice. I like the American company push and the Barrel Gang. Good stuff guys. Keep it up!

  2. dcasteel (verified owner)

    Great barrel and great accuracy. The packaging alone is outstanding.

  3. Jerome Smith (verified owner)

    This barrel is perfect for my build. It is extremely accurate with 62 grain sp and 69 grain match bthp. I would recommend to anyone doing a AR build, who wants accuracy and consistency!

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Love my Rosco Purebred 13.7 so much that I bought a second one. Was amazed at how good the accuracy was from this barrel given the length. Great aesthetics, great packaging and great all round barrel.

  5. Marcus (verified owner)

    I am giving it 5 stars based on the quality of manufacturing and the attention to detail in the creation of the barrel. I have not had a chance to take it to the range because my build is not complete. I am so pleased to have found a company offering a 13.7″ barrel with the mid-length gas system, kudos to Rosco Manufacturing. I have heard nothing but great things about your products.

  6. Marcus (verified owner)

    I have heard nothing but great things about Rosco manufacturing and their barrels. I have to give it 5 stars based on the quality and attention to detail of the barrel, will give an update once the build is finished and I have taken it to the range.

  7. winddope (verified owner)

    I have been building rifles in the AR platform for over 20 years and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The 13.7 Purebred Barrel for Rosco is on the best end of Good. In fact the machine work and finish on the barrel I received is almost to the “work of art” level, its absolutely perfect. I bought this with a Rosco adjustable gas block and BCG, the quality of these components is perfect as well and because they all came from the same manufacturer they fit together with no problems. I am making Rosco my go-to company for builds from now on. Thanks Barrel Gang!

  8. D

    I have been shooting precision rifles for many years and have recently transitioned into building/ shooting shorter barreled carbines. My needs have evolved to include a smaller lighter carbine for 3-Gun and RECCE style matches.

    I never expected this barrel to perform as good as it has. I have personally been able to lay down 1/2” groups at 100 yards using 55gr Atlanta Arms ammo. I have only ever experienced this out of my bolt action guns or longer barreled DMR carbine builds. I can easily rate this barrel 10/10 and highly recommend it for those that want a perfectly balance “Jack of all trades” rifle.

  9. Smallville Will (verified owner)

    I purchased this barrel after a toss up with Triarc (who makes a 13.9). My initial thought was “lower price, lower quality”.
    I was wrong.
    The barrel itself looks well manufactured. Visually, you can see the QC was on point. But barrels are covered by hand rails, so who really cares, right?
    After I assembled the gun, I sent it off for testing with my local SWAT guys, a couple special military friends, and a federal agency shooter.
    The barrel performed beyond standard. It stabilized everything we fed it (50gr to 77gr, cheap a** steel to SMK). T performed so well, that a couple of my friends are now working to get a Rosco for their next build.
    I just informed them the 13.7 must have gotten popular because it’s on back order lol. You should see the faces lol.
    The barrel is well gassed and functions perfectly. I don’t what kind of virgin sacrifices you guys pulled, but the gas system itself runs comfortably with various buffer set ups. From SCS, to flat wires. I like have that option just in case.
    I have e yet to have a key hole even with it being 1-8, it does its job well.
    I will most definitely be returning for another barrel, for another build in the future.
    #BarrelGang #TacticalAfro

  10. Zach W.

    I’ve had my 13.7″ for nearly 6 months, 3300 rounds through it of various weights and manufacturers. It runs them all well and the accuracy is dead accurate. The barrel compliments the overall rifle with it’s perfect length after being pinned and welded. With the Rosco gas block/tube added, it is gased right and runs flawlessly. Minimal recoil impulse and muzzle rise with the right bugger weight/spring combo. It truly makes my rifle a joy to shoot. Keep up the good work Rosco Manufacturing!

  11. Eli Hughes (verified owner)

    This is by far the best barrel I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned some higher end barrels, nothing beats this quality and finish. 100% recommend for anyone who wants a durable, accurate barrel you can shoot countless rounds out of. Will definitely be buying more of their products.

  12. Tim

    I bought one of these from Primary Arms a few months ago. It is the second Rosco barrel I’ve bought, but first Purebred. Fit and finish is fantastic and it shoots really well. My build has been 100% reliable with a standard carbine buffer across a broad range of ammo. Mine seems to fall short on accuracy. I’ve had a few sub MOA groups with it, so it is capable, but it seems to be closer to a 1.5″ barrel with match ammo and a 2″ barrel across the 14 different rounds I tested. I’d be stoked if this were the Bloodline barrel, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed. However, I do which rounds it should be sub MOA with now and intend to test those again!

  13. Steve W (verified owner)

    Shipping took a tad longer than anticipated due to the holidays but well worth the wait! Really not kidding about the QC on these barrels. Finish is impeccable! The barrel extension was insanely tight going into the upper receiver. Not a complaint by any means. With a dead air brake on the end and a fortis night rail over the barrel, it makes for one sexy looking cqc tool. Have not had a chance to test fire yet, but I’m sure it will be epic. Btw, love that you guys dimple for the gas block. Ill be doing business with you guys again, for damn sure.

  14. Andrew (verified owner)

    I haven’t shit tested the barrel yet but only because it was so much nicer than i expected. I didn’t want to mount it on the budget build i had planned and instead ordered a cmt upper and lower just for this barrel. Awesome work Roscoe, Im glad i found you just because i needed a 13.7. Once the DeadAir Break comes back in stock i will be ordering that as well. I will deff recommend more people check you out.

  15. Matt C (verified owner)

    Haven’t installed it yet as I’m waiting for a few gas block parts and muzzle device but this thing is sweet! Shipping was pretty quick and well packed. I’m looking forward to finishing my build and bustin some caps through it.

  16. Erick

    The 13.7 is my third barrel from Rosco. What can I say. It’s an AWESOME barrel, especially for the money. If you’re on the fence, just buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  17. @1hook2reelthemall

    Best barrel purchase I’ve made! The machining, finish and QC on the barrel is top notch. The 13.7 is paired with Rosco non-adjustable gas block/tube as well as a Bootleg Inc Adjustable BCG. Recoil and muzzle rise are minimal both suppressed and unsuppressed, and accuracy with different weights of 223 | 5.56 is spot on. This is my go to config now and it still fits folded in the Haley Incog SMG bag like my 10.5

  18. Don Dunn

    Don Edwards from the barrel gang turned my on to Rosco at a carbine class a couple years ago, I then met Gabe and his professionalism and knowledge sealed the deal. This 13.7″ is my third Rosco barrel 10.5 -11.5 – 13.7 and as someone who trains quite a bit, I am extremely happy. The accuracy is beyond my expectations, the build quality is absolutely as good as ANY barrel I have owned…Odin -FN – BA – Faxon and is some ways better. I try not to mention the low cost because this usually turns people off, but understanding that they are the actual full manufacturer of this product reflects in the amazing price of this top shelf product. I am now a loyal customer and all of my barrel replacements and future builds will have a Rosco in them, and it’s not because of the price…it’s the performance period.

  19. Tom Cardarelli (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Excellent accuracy for a barrel in this price range. Rosco is doing something right with this barrel.

  20. Brian Clarke (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried Rosco Barrels. But I heard good things about then. I wanted a 13.7 barrel and this company had the highest quality with the lowest price. It’s a amazing deal. I haven’t build the ar just yet but I know I will be amazed.

  21. Wesley Pipes (verified owner)

    Haven’t been able to shoot it yet due to the Rona but machining is solid. I’ll update when I get to shoot it.

  22. icebawkz (verified owner)

    Such a nice piece! Fit and finish are second to none. I will definitely be adding another Purebred barrel to my next build! Bravo Rosco!

  23. ThePewLifeChoseMe

    Outstanding accuracy. Always sub MOA with 69gr SMKs, generally closer to 1/2 MOA. Haven’t shot past 200 yds, but sub MOA results are consistent 👌🏻

  24. Stephen Passariello (verified owner)

    This barrel kicks ass. It’s just that simple.

  25. Edward Lamb (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful barrel. Finishing up my build shortly and hoping to run some rounds through it soon. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic it was at my door in 3 days.

  26. Brandon Olson (verified owner)

    First off let me say that the barrel packaging alone is worth it!
    In all seriousness, this barrel is crazy good.. I’m getting better accuracy with this 13.7 than I do some of my 18-20 inch rifles! Excellent little package with quality to boot. I recommend getting a dead air flash hider pinned and welded so you can have the mobility of a SBR/pistol with the legality and convenience of a 16 inch rifle. This is on my new truck gun, and I’m trusting my life with it. I suggest you do the same

  27. Michael Belch (verified owner)

    13.7 in barrel. I have build several ar15s with various types of barrels anything from stoner to Rainier even to a couple more expensive. but the performance of this barrel so far has been much better. more accurate and easy to break in and clean. Very impressive. My next builds will be done with rosco barrrls

  28. Hai (verified owner)

    Well I ordered 2 barrels, but only received 1. I’m not sure where people are getting customer satisfaction. Been trying to contact them about it, but zero responses. If no response is made by the end of the day, I’m disputing the charge.

    • Ed Fox

      Sorry for the delay in replying and sorry for the inconvenience. I will put this on an action item to get your second barrel to you Monday.

      Thank you for your business and patience.

  29. Charles L (verified owner)

    As others have stated the packaging is the first indication to how well these barrels are made and Rosco’s attention to detail and quality. This is my 2nd build using the 13.7 223 Wylde barrel and once again it is outstanding! Having done multiple other builds using other manufacturers barrels, the Rosco barrels are far superior regardless of price or manufacture.
    Save your time and money, use Rosco for your barrels! Accuracy, quality and customer care these guys can’t be beat.

  30. Whtwolf14 (verified owner)

    Haven’t assembled the upper yet, still waiting on the rest of the parts to come in. It looks fantastic, though, and was packaged really well for shipment, which was on time. I wish their rails would get back in stock…I may have to go elsewhere for that. 🥴👍🏼

  31. Howard C Shade

    I brought this barrel after researching it to death. I mated it up to a Wilson Combat billet upper, SOLGW NOX, Noveske gas block/ Gas tube, Wilson combat bcg and a Vltor charging handle. This barrel shoots, the NOX keeps the barrel from kicking up and it’s very compact.

  32. CE (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Rosco 13.7” PureBred barrel and SOLGW NOX flash hider. My intent was to build an “accurized recce/truck gun”. In other words; a rifle that is handy, available, reliable and capable to at least 300 yards. I paired the barrel and flash hider with other premium components and added a bit of my own special sauce assembly.

    I find myself at my local range often as I have the responsibility of running our bays, in addition to being the Multigun match director and AR armorer. I am also a frequent 2 Gun and 3 Gun competitor in our area.

    My peers suggested that I travel to York PA and participate in the Multigun Match sponsored by IWI this past weekend. Normally, I would use an AR with a 16” Proof Research barrel, but I had just completed this new AR with your barrel, had followed your suggested break-in procedure and zeroed it. With only 120 rounds through the gun, I thought this would be a good reliability test. I don’t normally shoot at this venue and had a brand new rifle to shoot, so I was a bit “relaxed” and did not have high expectations for my performance.

    Needless to say, the results speak for themselves (1st). I am very happy with the accuracy, reliability and maneuverability of this set up. It exceeded my expectations and definitely fits the “design intent”. I can leave it in my truck, use it for weekday training, shoot weekend matches and have a personal defense tool at the ready.

    Thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price.

  33. Jay – Violent Art Firearms (verified owner)

    Superb as always. I am a high end custom Firearms creator/retailer and I rely on Rosco barrels for virtually every build. Never have had a bad product from them and currently this is one of the go to barrels. great quality and craftsmanship and super solid pricing.

  34. Paul Gauthier (verified owner)

    Second Rosco barrel so far and will continue to get more. Barrels are phenomenal and hold up. Great company and quality. Will co to help to get more Rosco barrels.

  35. Troy Johnson (verified owner)

    This is my first time doing business with Rosco and I have to say I was not impressed. First, the gas tube was used. Not sure how this happens, but I had to scrape off carbon before installation. Second, the rifle does not lock open on last round unsuppressed, but does suppressed. My gunsmith is opening the port size a touch as I write this then pin and weld. I just hope the accuracy is there or this build is a bust. Only giving two stars because it was some of the nicest packaging I’ve seen. Rating could go up after I can zero and get in some range time.

  36. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Purchased this Barrel to get that “just long/short enough for a surefire warcomp pinweld cuz F the ATF” look and feel, and holy cow, i got so much more out of this barrel!! Bought with their bcg, gasblock and tube, and without a doubt, the best investment to my rifle ive ever made! Fired flawlessly and after putting in 2 days worth of shooting (so far), she was worth every penny! I will always recommend Rosco barrels from now on and will make sure any and all future builds i make will have a rosco barrel!!

  37. Marc

    I wanted the most accurate barrel for my SBR between 11.5″ and 14.5″. I found this 13.7″ barrel and decided to pick one up. The quality is top notch and the fitment into my upper was very snug. I can shoot 1 moa groups all day long with this set up and have been very impressed with the barrel for the price point.

    I highly recommend Rosco barrels to my friends and coworkers. No doubt, the next rifle I build will have a Rosco barrel on it.

  38. Nicholas Farris

    Extremely accurate with standard m193 BUT EXTREMELY UNDERGASSED. I had to drill out t$3 gas port by .015 to get it to run standard m193 reliably. If you’re literally never going to shoot it unsuppressed it’s the perfect barrel out of box

  39. Ryan Mcmanimon (verified owner)

    I love this barrel. I wanted a 13.7” build for a while, for the sake of having a handier and more compact rifle, that was accurate enough to stretch out to 600 yds when I need/want to. For the price, I expected maybe the neighborhood of 1-1.5MOA with hand loads. What I’m getting is .5 MOA, using 77gr SMK hand loads, a Vortex gen ii razor 1-6 on top, a geissele SSA trigger, and a surefire RC2 can. The barrel I got is gassed perfect. I’m using a standard non adjustable gas block, an A5 buffer system, and my brass ejects at 4:00 both suppressed and unsuppressed, with not a single malfunction so far. This is a great product at a great price.

  40. Connor (verified owner)

    Awesome product, love the fit and finish. Very precise out of the box.
    The gas port should be slightly larger for unsuppressed applications and lower pressure ammunition. I had to open it up to 0.078” to cycle all ammunition properly. Not a huge problem.

  41. Tee Kee (verified owner)

    Very accurate barrel. I can put about 1″ group at 50 yard with a 3x scope with Wolf ammo. With reload 77gr bullet I put all the four holes touching each other with one flier about 0.25″ away. Four stars is the gas port size is too small. I switch out to two different type of gas blocks and problem still there… I have to drill out the gas port two times and use the adjustable gas block to finally make it works. I hope this problem will be fix in future barrel. I got my barrel around early this year. Beside the problem with the under size gas port, I would highly recommend this barrel.

  42. David Kelley

    Love this barrel! Great price, and outstanding quality. Shooting .5 inch groups with Hornady Varmint Express rounds, and .75 inch groups with M855. My only complaint is that Rosco doesn’t make barrels in more calibers. I would love to have one of these for my Remington 700.

  43. Nathaniel Atwell

    Very happy with the barrel. Easy installation and very accurate.

  44. Caleb Flanagan (verified owner)

    I have a 10.5, 16, and now. 13.7. Great barrels but the 13.7 is a bit undergassed. With weaker ammo it will not cycle without being suppressed but with a suppressor it works great.

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